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Emerging Technology

AR/VR Solutions

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Business Innovation

Ethar, Inc. is an emerging technology development firm bringing you Ethar™, the XR Experience Platform™ for hosting, managing, sharing, securing and monetizing AR/VR experiences.

Ethar is transforming human relationships with people, places and things through immersive technology. Leverage our XR integration toolset to bring your organization and projects into the next dimension. Ethar ™ is the next evolutionary step in human interaction with information.

Ethar Advisory™

Our team of experts work alongside you to explore, evaluate, validate, develop and deploy AR solutions that meet your business needs. We work with you to help you understand the benefits for your use case and to get to your ROI quickly.

Ethar Opus™

Use of AR in heavy industries, such as manufacturing and power and energy, has shown to deliver on efficiency, productivity and safety. Designed for the enterprise, Ethar Opus is a secure, enterprise grade web-based platform for enterprise and workforce management through AR.

Ethar 360™

From entertainment, travel to education, immersive reality is fast becoming a revolutionary force in how we interact with each other and the word. Ethar 360 enables you to shape how immersive experiences can extend engagement, nurture influencers and delight users with new forms of brand interaction.

Ethar e-Commerce™

AR is already transforming the e-commerce industry by blending with current technologies–giving consumers new online shopping experiences across retail sectors. Ethar e-Commerce is a unique platform that enables new and innovative solutions to magnify consumer delight, brand recognition and sales process competence.