Global standards help the world achieve essential goals, including enhanced public health and safety, increased education, technology innovation and market expansion. In short, global standards—those developed in an open, bottom-up and market driven paradigm—are the underpinnings of innovation and their value and necessity are coming into even sharper focus with the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Standards open new markets and applications and make broadly available proprietary knowledge for current and future innovative technologies. Globally open standards development forums help promote solutions and provide networking opportunities with and among cross national communities, creating vibrant, open ecosystems that provide multiple sources of readily available information and expertise.

The open standards produced are beneficial on many fronts, including for industry there is less chance of being locked in by a specific technology and/or vendor. Since the specifications are known and open. And it is easier for systems from different parties or using different technologies to interoperate and communicate with one another. As a result, there is improved data exchange. Open standards help facilitate cross-platform functionality and speed development toward universal mapping and localization, among many things.

As digital technologies become increasingly more ingrained in our daily lives and as technologies such as AI and AR intersect more with industry verticals and commercial applications, innovation is boundless especially if grounded in open standards and specifications.

AI and AR in particular are at a pivotal moment in time. Decades of visions regarding AI and AR are coming of age and viable—beyond technologically to industry and consumer adoption and use. AR and the broader set of industries are converging the physical and digital worlds, with a tremendous amount of talent and creativity envisioning the future of the human experience.  For industry to realize this promise, open standards are needed. Further, how these standards are created and who they are designed to benefit will have an impact on how the AI and AR space evolves.

For AI and AR to evolve, open solutions and standards will be critical to unleashing cross-platform support and accelerating development in what promises to be one of the most exciting times for creativity.

At Brainwaive we support open standards for open innovation to advance AR for industry and consumer use that is easy to access and use and that is trusted, safe and secure.

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