Brainwaive is proud to announce that it is a Founding Sponsor of the Open AR Cloud Association (OARC). OARC’s vision is to create a single, shared cloud where all items that exist in any AR application and are associated with a geographical location can be experienced and accessed. With its mission to drive the development of open and interoperable AR Cloud technology, data and standards to connect the physical and digital worlds for the benefit of all, OARC is working to bring AR to the mainstream.

Brainwaive is also chairing OARC’s Privacy, Security and Data Rights Working Group, which is addressing ways to ensure the Open AR Cloud ecosystem, and spatial computing technology in general, is not misused. In short, to ensure security, privacy and data rights are addressed and incorporated from the onset when building an AR Cloud ecosystem.

“We are excited to be a collaborator in OARC,” said Tony Hodgson, Founder and CEO of Brainwaive. “By working with like-minded organizations from diverse industries our collective efforts to advance AR and its use can be realized.”

AR holds great promise in the enterprise and is taking root in the market. There is concern that its growth and adoption can be slowed if AR apps, services and experiences are siloed. To help with the proliferation of AR, the ecosystem needs a structure that allows AR to evolve so that its various elements are interconnected and interconnected with meaning. Ori Inbar, AR entrepreneur and founded of AWE, describes the AR Cloud a persistent 3D digital copy of the real world to enable sharing of AR experiences across multiple users and devices. For any such cloud, there would need to be a way to protect intellectual property and privacy while also finding ways to encourage openness, collaboration and sharing.

As OARC works towards its mission, Brainwaive is pleased to join the journey and to contribute its expertise and insights about AR security and privacy in the enterprise.

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