Brainwave CEO Tony Hodgson in Charlie Fink’s Convergence, How the World Will be Painted with Data
Convergence, How the World Will be Painted with Data by AR/VR consultant, speaker and Forbes columnist tells the story of Augmented Reality (AR), a new technology that’s already seeping into every smartphone and every workplace. AR’s merger with new 5G and AI technologies will unleash a wave of innovation that will enable wearable, invisible, latency-free and ubiquitous computing. The book uses a kind of mobile AR called “marker AR” to allow readers to use their smartphone to bring pages to life, demonstrating with art and entertainment how the world, and every person, place, and thing, will be painted with data.
Tony was honored to contribute to the book, authoring the Privacy, Ethics and Unintended Consequences chapter. In the chapter, Tony provides insight and perspective on hardware and software technologies that are enabling nearly super-human perception and communication but also giving rise to serious privacy and ethics concerns and opens doorways to dangerous new security threats. He provides practical guidance for addressing privacy and gives examples of industry leaders are working diligently to help consumers and business users of AR better understand and control data privacy, safety, and security risks.
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