About Us

We are passionate about XR (AR, VR, MR) and how it can make a difference in the world for end users, independent creators and developers to small businesses and medium and large enterprises across industries. Ethar is built by world-leading experts who have worked for some of the world’s biggest and successful companies and organizations and a wide range of small businesses. Our mission is to empower people, brands and organizations with the power and benefits of AR.

Ethar is transforming human relationships with people, places and things through immersive technology. Leverage our XR integration toolset to bring your organization and projects into the next dimension. Ethar is the next evolutionary step in human interaction with information.

We are building a platform for digital asset capture, curation, discovery, wayfinding and monetization. And we do this by working where technology, platform and solutions meet with service and customization—and by working with you to fully understand your needs, unique challenges and opportunities. We have an AR platform infrastructure and functionality with full support that you can leverage to meet your needs, and we can customize solutions based on problems that need to be solved and opportunities to be seized. We are working in exciting spaces—ranging from the use of AR in retail, museums to utilities and critical infrastructure and manufacturing. 

We believe that AR will have unprecedented impact on the way we discover, communicate, play and work. There are already many use cases documented and pilots underway, but how do you navigate these to find what’s best for your organization, use case and where you happen to be in exploring how and when to use or extend AR. This is where our Ethar team of experts come into play.

We enable you to explore, understand, create and execute strategies and real-world work plans for AR solutions along with industry specialization and innovation to help advance and even transform the way you do business. From working with you to fully understand your business, use case, unique environment and needs, tech infrastructure and capacity to building working frameworks, pilot programs to scalable implementation plans, our Ethar team is dedicated to what you need to accomplish. Our team has a strong history in providing strategic, technical and operational excellence in setting a high standard to ensure relationships are expertly managed and solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

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