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Experience & Projects

Helping companies thrive where technology and business opportunities converge—safely and securely

Ethar, Inc. is a 2020 startup formed as a spin-off of Brainwaive, LLC, a five-year-old global consulting and application development company, with an integrated team of full-time employees and contractors offering decades of experience in most popular databases and application languages / technologies on most major platforms. We have extensive expertise & hands-on R&D of web and Augmented Reality solutions. Our team of seasoned technologists and advisors have led hundreds of industry projects developing, commercializing, managing and protecting nearly a billion dollars’ worth of IT products and services. We have strong hands-on experience in global technical standards and evaluation of industrial internet and connected device systems security, AR/VR environments and penetration techniques on consumer electronics. We offer best practices, frameworks and processes that will benefit your company, and we apply our professional network and strategic relationships at the highest levels of related markets, vendors and industry associations to speed your success.

Major customers include the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (thearea.org) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), among others.

Ethar and Brainwaive are privately held companies and we do not release the revenue numbers publicly.  

  • 2yr old global advisory

  • 150 years of cumulative experience in emerging technology and cyber security

  • Hundreds of projects in mobility, connected devices, IoT, AR/VR

  • Expansive government and global industry professional network

Highlights of our work include:

  • Chair of the Security Committee for the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)

  • Developer and lead of Cyber Security program for IEEE

  • Developer and lead of IEEE Industry Connections and Security programs

  • Lead of emerging technology strategies and operations plans at IEEE in AR, VR, IoT, alternative and renewable energy, Smart Grid and Smart Cities and Medical Devices/eHealth

  • IEEE PROJECT P2048.1 – Standard for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Device Taxonomy and Definitions 2017

  • Principal Investigators – Data Security for Enterprise Augmented Reality Solutions; AREA 2017

  • Authors of 100pg Tech Report: Wearable Enterprise AR Security Framework and Test Protocol

  • Consulting Lead for Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Digital Worker Innovation Center

  • Consulting Lead for EPRI Digital Worker Interest Group. 2017/2018

  • Principal Investigators for 170pg report: AR Use in Nuclear Power Plant Construction; 2017

  • Principal Investigators for 150pg Mobile Technology Guidebook; EPRI 2015 – 2018

  • Co-Authors: IIoT Connectivity Framework. Industrial Internet Consortium 2017

  • Subcommittee Chair: Cyber security standards for mobile devices and AR; IEEE 2017-2018.

  • and more…