Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions

Ethar Exhibit Design

Delivering immersive and interactive digital solutions including digital 3D models, augmented reality, mobile apps, etc., for museums and exhibition owners using the latest technologies. 

Specializing in the creation of digital visualizations and experiences but also geolocation and gamification, we provide a unique and comprehensive service.

Re-imagining the way people interact and engage with the environments that surround them, Ethar Exhibit Design is part of the Ethar AR Platform and was created in response to the growing need of museums and exhibition owners and service providers to amplify the museum experience for patrons and donors through AR.

AR offers a stunning, informative and impactful experience. Through the use of AR you can see a whole different perspective while navigating through an exhibit. Ethar Exhibit Design provides the means for a storytelling platform of immersive experiences designed to inform, engage and inspire.


AR-enabled Exhibition Development and Design

  • Digital AR Installations
  • 3D and AR Asset Creation and Storage
  • AR Detailing
  • Data visualization
  • Interactive Kiosks

Business and Operational Planning

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Merchandising and e-Commerce
  • Website development
  • Digital Collections Management
  • Project Management

We assist and advise museums, galleries, heritage and cultural attractions, brands, and private collectors by bringing to life physical spaces, content and information through innovative digital storytelling. 

We have developed an in-house team and an extensive network of experts to provide a highly specialized, resourceful team for all types of AR enabled exhibitions. We can facilitate production from concept development and curatorial research, to exhibition design, digital manufacture, installation, and tour production.

Our AR installation technicians provide attention to detail and precise care for your collections. Our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of digital mediums and projects. 

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