ETHAR at Domestic Showcase 2023

April 17 – 20, 2023
Huntsville, Alabama
Von Braun Center

Powered by Ethar, the Signals Museum and Ethar are excited to be at the Southeast Tourism Domestic Showcase in Huntsville, AL 17-20 April–where are showcasing how Augmented Reality (AR) can enhance the traveler and tourist experience by making it more real and immersive–giving rise to a new and improved way of engaging visitors.

The destination marketing and tourism industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy, and has evolved in recent years thanks to technology–from the way people search for and prepare a trip, to the organization of accommodation, to engaging activities, and more.

Every day, new technologies offer organizations to create more compelling, satisfactory and advantageous experiences. It is exactly in this sense, how AR has grown in importance in the destination marketing and tourism sectors–taking marketing and experiences to new levels.

AR is enhancing and transforming the destination marketing and tourism experience!

Augmented Reality in the Tourism Industry

We also would love to hear your thoughts on AR in the Destination Marketing and Tourism industry through a short survey we created.

AR is enhancing and transforming the traveler experience!

We invite you to learn more about how AR can catapult destination marketing and tourism to new heights and enhance what service providers, suppliers and attractions can offer.

Domestic Showcase 2023

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