AR has many practical possible applications in the manufacturing industry, each opening new avenues for employees and helping create better workplaces. AR can be used to measure a variety of changes, identify unsafe working conditions, or even envision a finished product. Manufacturers can use it to present more than digital characters, images, or content, such as overlaying text, stats, and information relevant to the worker’s current task. 

A worker can view a piece of equipment and see its running temperature, disclosing that the equipment is hot and unsafe to touch with bare hands. An employee can know everything that’s happening around them, including the location of coworkers, what machinery is breaking down, or what locations in a factory are restricted. 

Safety is always an issue in the manufacturing environment. With the right AR applications, inexperienced employees can be informed, trained, and protected at all times without wasting supplementary resources. Technical training and education can be expensive when working with large, complex machinery or dangerous equipment. With AR, logistic workers could check a connected system that tells them exactly where products and goods are. They could scan the necessary information using the AR system, which would help to disseminate the order. Then, the employee would retrieve the product and deliver it to the proper location.

Using AR, a maintenance crew could see precisely what equipment and hardware needed servicing, including potential issues. That same system could show them operation times, date of last service, probable sites of failure, and much more. AR would take the speculation out of the maintenance activity, which would permit quicker response and faster repairs. 

AR is set to continue developing alongside automation in the future of work. It will be fascinating to see how AR will continue to help people build a better workplace. 

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