For museums who want to enhance the “walking around and looking” way of doing things, and improve the visiting experience, one of the best things they can do is implement AR.

The goal of museums is to entertain and educate, and today, storytelling is at the center of the experience. Such interactive, digital narratives can be successfully achieved through AR. With the help of AR, visitors can see extra digital content on top of the view of the actual objects at the museum, and to do this, they only need a mobile device. 

A good AR experience can be an engaging way of presenting information—where museums can show facts in a way that connects with visitors. Instead of a passive display, museums can use AR to allow a guest to participate and make new connections as scenes come to life.  The content can take the form of video, text, 3D images and more. AR can add great value to the museum experience. With a layer of augmentation over items in their collections, museums can provide rich and more interactive experience, including placing objects and works of art in different scenes, peeling back layers and telling their stories from new perspectives. 

Museums are much more than repositories of objects; they are meeting places for people and ideas. Their future depends on remaining a dynamic part of the public realm”

~Robert Hewison

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