Imagine being able to try out a product in real time while you’re deciding if you should buy it or not. Potential customers across the globe are already realizing this using AR. AR apps are already helping retailers reduce the number of product returns they receive. Companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s have made it possible for people to virtually try out paint colors before purchasing. Hotels are now able to give potential guests a 360 view of the venue before they book a room. Apps are also now available that help shoppers see how clothes will look on them before ordering them online, reducing disappointment and returns. 

Experiential marketing is the most valuable type of marketing but has always been the most difficult and cost-restrictive. Now, AR is turning every type of marketing into experiential marketing. Brands that engage and interact with their customers have a much higher chance of success, and AR is an automated way to do just that.

94% Higher conversion rate when interaction is with AR content1

51% Respondents in Nielsen survey willing to use AR to assess products2

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