Stray Voltage Protection

Every year, contact with undetected stray voltage tragically kills or injures people, pets, and livestock. Utility companies, cannot afford to let this silent threat go unaddressed.

E-Field Survey ProTM

As a leader in stray voltage detection and mitigation. Our state-of-the-art, non-contact electric field detection service is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution available. We use patent-pending technology for simultaneous detection of energized objects, total harmonic distortion (THD), and hazardous arcing conditions, all from a multi-platform system vs. competitors’ limited detection methods.

Our expert field technicians will work with you to develop a customized plan to address any hazards we find.

Why Choose E-Field Survey Pro?

Ensure the safety of your property with Ethar’s advanced Non-Contact Electric Field Detection service.

Unmatched Detection

Our technology can detect energized objects, total harmonic distortion (THD), and hazardous arcing conditions, all from a common platform that can be deployed as a handheld, mobile or drone payload. 

Industry-Leading Sensitivity

We can detect stray voltage down to 0.5 V/m1, ensuring that no hazard goes unnoticed.

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training and support services to ensure that you get the most out of our service.

Proven Technology

Our detectors have been proven in the field, and we offer handheld, vehicle-mounted, and drone-payload options to meet your specific needs. Ethar’s solutions benefit from our collaboration with global research institutes to ensure the most accurate, highest quality detection.

Detailed Reporting

We provide detailed hazard maps and reports to help you quickly and easily identify and address any problems. Compatibility with various work order management systems.


Prevent electric shock injuries and deaths in your community

Mitigate legal liability related to stray voltage incidents

Demonstrate safety leadership and earn public trust

Facilitate targeted maintenance to efficiently address hazards

Free up internal resources to focus on core utility operations

Facilitate targeted maintenance to efficiently address hazards

Comprehensive Protection

Why Comprehensive Protection Matters

Our detailed scans cover your entire distribution network, ensuring no part of your service area is left unchecked. Following industry best practices, we conduct off-peak nighttime scans and deploy multiple crews to maximize efficiency and safety. Stray voltage incidents can lead to severe consequences, including public safety liabilities, reputation damage, unplanned maintenance costs, and regulatory compliance risks. Proactively addressing these hazards demonstrates your commitment to safety and can prevent tragic accidents.

Protect Your Community from Stray Voltage

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1Actual measurements are affected by a number of factors, including weather, overhead line fields, geometry, etc.

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