ETHAR Demonstrates Building Energy Monitor

ETHAR Demonstrates Building Energy Monitor

ETHAR Demonstrates Building Energy Monitor

Ethar showcases the use of AR and XR tools with Open Geospatial Consortium Standards

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA 16 January 2023Ethar, which provides a comprehensive platform that brings the full potential of XR experiences to developers, brands and users, announced today that it will be presenting its contribution to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Testbed-18 on 17 January during the virtual OGC Testbed-18 Demonstration Days. 

OGC Testbed-18 is an initiative to explore six tasks, including advanced Interoperability for Building Energy; Secure, Asynchronous Catalogs, Identifiers for Reproducible Science, Moving Features and Sensor Integration, 3D+ Data Standards and Streaming, and Machine Learning Training Data.

For OGC Testbed-18, Ethar created a building energy monitoring application driven by OGC data compliant sources which displayed building energy data using 3D and extended reality (XR) techniques.

In 2022 National Resources of Canada desired a way to quickly identify buildings with abnormal high energy usage in order to target these in mitigation efforts. Ethar’s effort in the Testbed-18 was to make this possible by pulling live energy utilization data from buildings in the Montreal area, and map those to the 3D buildings placed on top of the street maps using OGC data standards. To achieve this, Ethar created an application to pull in data from other participants in Testbed-18 and allowed participants to select from five different energy utilization metrics. The power of the application is the ability to filter buildings by any of the parameters of the five metrics. Ethar’s contribution to OGC Testbed-18 is the illustration of how current 3D and XR tools can be used to consume OGC data streams.

“It was an honor to have worked alongside participants in the OGC Testbed-18 initiative and to realize an application for a core area of the Testbed,” said Tony Hodgson, CEO of Ethar. “ The use of AR and XR have tremendous benefits for industry and humanity alike, and being able to demonstrate how the use of such tools combined with OGC standards can positively impact high energy usage mitigation efforts is paramount to the adoption and broad use of the technologies.”

The video of Ethar’s demonstration is on Youtube. OGC Testbed-18 Demonstration Days is a public event and is open for registration


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