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Imagine being able to try out a product in real time while you’re deciding if you should buy it or not. Potential customers across the globe are already realizing this using AR. AR apps are already helping retailers reduce the number of product returns they receive.


For museums who want to enhance the “walking around and looking” way of doing things, and improve the visiting experience, one of the best things they can do is implement AR.


AR may benefit investor-owned, municipal and cooperative utilities in improving business processes. It can speed power restoration and help address the challenge of an aging, retiring utility workforce by facilitating the preservation of institutional knowledge.


AR has many practical possible applications in the manufacturing industry, each opening new avenues for employees and helping create better workplaces. AR can be used to measure a variety of changes, identify unsafe working conditions, or even envision a finished product. Manufacturers can use it to present more than digital characters, images, or content, such as overlaying text, stats, and information relevant to the worker’s current task.

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