Bringing History To Life

ETHAR brings history to life through immersive experiences

ETHAR brings history to life through immersive experiences that enable a unique journey through time with augmented reality.

At ETHAR, we specialize in the creation of digital visualizations and experiences and geolocation and gamification–re-imagining the way people interact and engage with the environments that surround them.

These experiences culminate to enhance visitor engagement and enjoyment across National Parks, Heritage and Historic sites, Museums, and more!

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Our work enables visitors to interact, learn, engage and connect through immersive experiences– igniting their curiosity and imagination.

Interact | Learn | Engage | Connect

At ETHAR we provide

  • 3D character modeling
  • 3D scene creation and animation
  • 3D model catalogs
  • Digital Twin creation
  • AR object visualization
  • Augmented maps
  • Visual storytelling
  • Enhanced exhibits
  • History viewgraphs
  • Visual time travel
  • Gamified learning (playing card, scavenger hunt)
  • Contextual information
  • Collaborative experiences
  • Accessibility features

We immerse ourselves in discovery and research to ensure experiences are authentic and meaningful

Tech view–what we build is . . .

  • Compatible with tablet and phone (iOS and Android)
  • Compatible with ARKit and ARCore
  • Optimized for mobile platforms to ensure efficient performance
  • Optimized for physically-based renderings
  • Optimized for balance between visual fidelity and performance efficiency for a smooth user experience
  • Works with evolving location-based technology and that can be embedded in websites–enabling touchscreen or keyboard use

By bringing AR to your environment, you can bridge the gap between the past and the present, creating dynamic, engaging and immersive experiences.

A View Into Our Work

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